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Test pitting at the Bloomery site, 1st to 3rd October 2012

The earthwork survey and test pitting exercise was successful in allowing us to determine the extent of potential medieval iron smelting activity beside the northern edge of Castleshaw Upper Reservoir. In this area, which is covered by mounds, depressions and clusters of boulders, we were able to identify late 19th century reservoir construction and subsequent maintenance activity, natural landscape, and an area related to medieval iron smelting. We can now confidently pinpoint the medieval furnace site for future management and research purposes, whilst also being able to discount large areas as having no archaeological significance. Thank you to United Utilities for supporting the project. A great effort over 3 days and many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out!

A formal report on the results will be produced over the next few weeks and posted on this website.  (Now available here..)

Norman Redhead,

County Archaeologist

5th October 2012                                                                                        More Photos


image image image image
Section, Slag
Spoil Heap
Black Furnace
slag spoil
Different types
of slag spoil
Ash and
Charcoal deposit
image image image image
General View Day 3
Pitting and survey
in progress
Highpoint Laser
scan survey

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