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Summary of 2022 excavations so far ...

Please see the Dig Blog for the latest updates from 2022 Here.

Here is a nice wintery view of the fort from Norman.

Castleshaw in Winter

Steve Tamburello and Chris Wilde from the University of Salford Archaeology department have produced some new Drone images of Castleshaw with process Lidar image
Click here or the image below to see the Drone images

Steve Tamburello and Chris Wilde

Latest Reports ! See the Members Area.

Latest Waters Clough Report - Summer 2020

Latest Fort Report - Summer 2019

Mike Nevell, Norman Redhead, Free Book

Mike Nevell, Free Book

Mike Nevell

We are very pleased to accounce that Norman has found the bathhouse at Castleshaw  ....
 and its here!

Many congratulations to Norman on his special birthday (and thanks to Jayne and Norman's colleagues at Salford University for organising the cake)

Normans Special Birthday cake

Latest Reports, Please see the members page

Waters Clough latest report


12/02/18, Snowy view along the valley towards Delph
Feb. 2018, Looking from the fort towards Delph.
The roman road visible as the whiter line in the middle distance
Click the image for a larger view.

If you can't spot the roman road above, click here for more on this section of the road.

Please keep an eye on these pages for the coming events in 2020,
and a couple of new reports from Norman are due in the new year on the Waters Clough site and the Roman Fort investigations.

News :

We are planning a number of digs over 2020, both at the Forts and at the Waters Clough monsatic site.
These digs will be open to members of the friends so if you would like to be involved and are not currently a member please consider joining.


Benefits of joining also include reduced entry fee to lectures and access to the members area of the website containing the latest documenst and reports.

Coming soon(ish): Lidar and Aerial images of the Roman Road through Saddleworth.
A Taster with the section from Delph to Castleshaw.

Oldham Times

The Report for the 2014 Fort Excavations is now available, Please see the Documents page for details

May 2014

The Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts were awarded a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support its research into the area's Roman history. We were given 70,100 to carry out a fresh excavation of the site.

This has been concluded, please see the blogs to the right.
The final report is Here.


Please see the hlf page for further details

See the July 2014 excavation diary at the Castleshaw Blog ...
Plus read all about the Castleshaw Roman Day Conference....
And the Mytholme Mill investigation in Blog2

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Castleshaw through the ages ... press the buttons below the map.



The above gives a quick flavour of the 2014 excavation, the full story is on the blog ..
with additional pictures and comments on Facebook
And have a look at the stunning aerial pictures from the gyrocopter !


By the 1980s Castleshaw Roman Fort was in need of some care and attention.

While most of the underlying archaeology was still intact the surface was badly pitted and spoiled by centuries of digging by various antiquarians and archaeologists.

A visit to Castleshaw in 1980 was a difficult experience. Visually it was a mess and it was difficult to make out the lines of the walls. The lunar landscape left by previous diggers had been colonised by moorland vegetation and it was difficult to walk over it.

Something needed to be done to preserve and protect what is a valuable archaeological site.

In 1984 a conservation exercise was undertaken on the fortlet. This removed the spoil heaps, reinstated the bank and ditch and conserved the interior of the fortlet.

The main outer fort wasn't touched and still requires a similar programme of restoration and conservation.


Castleshaw Roman Fort Future

The major challenge we now face is how best to enhance the public's experience of the forts without jeopardising any of those factors which make the place so special.

The aim of the Castleshaw Conservation Management Plan is to improve the interpretation of the site and the publics experience of the forts.


This is there the Friends come in ..
With targeted excavations within the fort and the surrounding area we aim to increase the knowledge about the fort and its environs, search for missing Roman features such as the Bathhouse and reinstate damaged areas of the outer fort.
We hope to include the Saddleworth community and schools in our activities, including the onsite work and offsite research into the existing archives and finds collections and bring a digitised library to this website.


We are grateful for the support of the following



In 2012 the Friends Saddleworth Archaeological Trust  (FoSAT) merged with the Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts.
The Archived website of FoSAT is available
here and includes various newsletters which may be of interest.

Where are we?

Map in a new page ... Here

The Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts , 2020

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